Dr. Alfredo L. Rovira is the founder partner of Estudio ROVIRA. Dr. Rovira served for more than 20 years as Managing Partner of Brons & Salas, one of the most distinguished law firms in Buenos Aires, where he was Senior Partner and Co-Chair of the Corporate Department for more than 30 years and founded and Chaired the Arbitration Group for more than 10 years.
Dr. Rovira dedicated substantial time of his practice as part-time professor in Business Laws at the School of Laws and at the School of Economic Sciences, both of the National University of Buenos Aires, on top of teaching as visiting professor at other private universities.


Alfredo Rovira received his LL.B. in 1967 from the Universidad de Buenos Aires. In 2003, he graduated as Juris Doctor from the School of Laws of the Universidad de Buenos Aires (Cum Laude). His thesis on Shareholders Agreements was nominated to the “Premio Facultad” (School of Laws Award), School of Laws of the National University of Buenos Aires.

Practice Areas

Dr. Rovira´s current practice focuses on Corporate and M&A, complex contract drafting, negotiations and litigation, Antitrust, Insolvency, Arbitration and Dispute Resolution including complex mediations, also acting as expert witness on Argentine laws in international litigations and arbitrations.

Key Achievements

Dr. Rovira has been widely recognized by his peers, Chambers and other publications both in Argentina and Latin America as the lead reference in Corporate/ M&A, Insolvency and Commercial and Corporate Litigation in Argentina (included as one of the top 10 business lawyers in Argentina by specialized magazines and publications and permanently recognized by Who´s Who Legal as an expert in Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Governance and Restructuring & Insolvency). Dr. Rovira is also recognized as a prominent arbitrator and active litigator in international and domestic arbitrations and complex litigations, constantly acting as expert witness on Argentine laws in foreign litigations and arbitrations.
During his extensive practice he was involved in major projects such as the structuring and negotiation of the largest gas pipeline in Argentina ("The Center West Gas Pipeline” Gasoducto Centro Oeste) for which project teaming up with international prestigious law firms put together the "Project Financing" for such project, having been the largest project financing ever put together in Argentina. Gasoducto Centro Oeste is one of the 3 largest gas pipelines in the world. He also was the Project Leader for the legal structuring of several multinational companies establishing in Argentina, such as General Motors Corporation, McDonald´s Corporation, Standard & Poors, SHV Holdings NV (Supermercados Mayoristas Makro SA), Sumitomo Corporation, Marubeni Corporation, etc. and negotiated and worked in relevant acquisitions in Argentina for major multinationals such as The Clorox Company, Owens Illinois, Inc., WPP Group Plc., Publicis Groupe SA., etc.
Dr. Rovira was member of the Legislation Committee created by Decree 958/1991 for the drafting of a General Arbitration Law and also was called to act as consultant to the Ministry of Finance in the drafting of the Corporate Governance and Transparency Bill passed by Decree 677/2001.

Academic Background

Since 1976, Dr. Rovira has been serving as Professor of Commercial Law at the School of Law of the Universidad de Buenos Aires, after having served as a Professor of Corporate Law at the School of Economic Sciences of the same university. He has been teaching Post Graduate Courses and courses at the Masters in Business Law Programs at the Universidad Austral (Buenos Aires and Rosario, Prov. of Santa Fe) 1992-2006, on a non regular basis at the Universidad Notarial Argentina, Universidad Siglo XXI, Córdoba, and Universidad Argentina de la Empresa and, on a regular basis, at the School of Laws of both the Universidad Católica Argentina and Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires since 2007-present. In addition, he has been a visiting professor of Post Graduate Courses in Business Law at several Bar Associations in Argentina and Faculty and panelist at CLE Programs organized by the American Bar Association and the International Bar Association.


Dr. Rovira is the author of “Pactos de Socios” (Shareholders’ Agreements), Astrea Publishing House, Buenos Aires, 2006; “Sociedades Extranjeras” (Foreign Companies), Abeledo Perrot, Buenos Aires, 1985 and co-authored “Cuadernos de Derecho Societario” (Argentine Corporate Law, 4 Vols.), Buenos Aires, 1973-1988. Additionally he is the author of the Chapter:“Abusiva utilización de las formas y mecanismos societarios como fundamento para declarar su ilegitimidad” (Excessive use of corporate structures and mechanisms as grounds for declaring their illegitimacy) in Temas de Derecho Comercial Moderno (Subjects of Modern Commercial Law), Depalma Publishing House, Buenos Aires, 1998; “Attachment of Assets", Argentina Chapter, Juris Publishing House, New York, U.S.A.,1999; and Chapter “La remuneración de los directores” (Directors´ Remuneration) in “Estudios sobre el Directorio de la Sociedad Anónima” (Discussion about the Board of Directors of a Corporation), Ad-Hoc Publishing House, Buenos Aires, 1999. “Enforcement of Money Judgments Abroad”, Chapter I “Argentina”, Matthew Bender, U.S.A., 1988; “Bank Security and Other Credit Enhancement Methods”, Chapter I: Argentina, Kluwer Law International, The Hague-London-Boston, 1995. He was the editor of “Doing Business in Argentina”, published by the American Bar Association, Section of International Law & Practice, U.S.A., 2000 and the author of chapters “Foreign Investment and Transfer of Technology” and “Intellectual Property Protection” of such book. He is the co-author of Chapter 13 “Argentina” in Collier International Business Insolvency Guide, Lexis Nexis Publishing House, U.S.A., 2002; and of Security Interests under Argentine Law, Chapter I “Argentina”, Kluwer Law International, London, U.K., 2002. He was the editor of “Empresa en crisis” (Companies in Crisis) where he was also the author of chapter “Responsabilidad por Insolvencia y Capital social” (Liability for Insolvency and Corporate capital), Astrea Publishing House, Buenos Aires, 2005. He is the author of the Chapter “La Empresa en la Concepción Moderna de los Contratos” (Companies in Modern Contracts) in “Tratado de la Empresa” (Treatise on Companies), Vol. II, Ana Piaggi, editor, Ed. Abeledo Perrot, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2010. He is the autor of the Chapters on “Derecho de Información” (Shareholders´Information Rights), in “Tratado de los Conflictos Societarios” (Treatise on Corporate Conflicts), Vol. II, Diego Duprat, editor, Ed. Abeledo Perrot, Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2013. Dr. Rovira has authored numerous papers in the areas of his expertise (business laws in general, corporate law, antitrust, contract laws, insolvency and reorganizations) in various specialized publications and legal magazines in Argentina and abroad.

Skills and Memberships

Dr. Rovira is a Certified Mediator and Arbitrator in domestic and international arbitrations and served as a member of the Special Legislative Committee created by Decree No. 958/91 for the drafting of a General Arbitration Law and also served by invitation of the Secretary of Finance of the Ministry of Economy, Argentina as consultant in the drafting process of the Corporate Governance Statute enacted by Decree 677/2001. Dr. Rovira is a member of the Standing Arbitration Panel of the Commercial Dispute Resolution Center of the Americas, Miami, Florida, USA. and other arbitration panels. At the American Bar Association, Section of International Law and Practice he served as a coordinating member for Argentina (1995-1999) and as representative of Foreign Lawyers on the American Bar Association Council of such Section. From 2000 to 2002 he served as co-chair of the Inter-American Law Committee of the American Bar Association, Section of International Law and Practice. From 2002 to 2003 he served as Chair of the Inter-American Law Committee. From 2003 to 2006 acted as a member of the Latin America Law Initiative Council Advisory Council of the American Bar Association. From 2005 to 2007 he was the Vice-Chair of the International Securities and Capital Markets Committee, and at the Business Law Section of the American Bar Association he currently serves as Vice-Chair of the International Litigation Sub-Committee of the Business and Corporate Litigation Committee, and served as co-Vice Chair of the Corporate Governance Committee (2012-2014) and Chair of the International Developments Subcommittee of the Corporate Governance Committee (2010-2012). From 2000 to 2004, he served as Board Member of the Colegio de Abogados de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires and from 2004 to 2006, he served as Chairman of the Commercial Law Committee at the same organization. Dr. Rovira has been a member of the Honorary Advisory Council on Antitrust Matters of the Cámara de Sociedades Anónimas since 2000 and currently serves as member of the Legal Consulting Committee to the Board of such Association. Since 1992 up to 2015, he has been a member of the Board of Directors of the American Chamber of Commerce in Argentina (AMCHAM); and since 1988 up to now, he has served as President of the Tax and Legal Affairs Committee of AMCHAM.


Dr. Rovira speaks and writes Spanish and English and has full reading capacity in French, Italian and Portuguese.

Key Aspects of Dr. Rovira´s Background

Dr. Rovira is not only a prestigious Faculty in business laws but also has had actual experience in corporate governance as an acting board member in privately held as well as in public companies. Dr. Rovira was a member of the Board of Directors of H.B. Fuller Company, a US listed company where he served for 10 years as a member of the Audit Committee and 5 years as a member of the Corporate Governance and Nominating Committee as well. At the same time he has acted and continues to act as Board member in closed corporations, particularly, family owned companies and local subsidiaries of large multinationals. Dr. Rovira has advised family groups in transitioning from “family” to “professional” corporations making available his experience in drafting “family protocols” and “shareholders agreements”. His books on Companies Law and Foreign Companies are used as reference biography by legal scholars, judges, practicing attorneys and students in Argentina.

Past and Recent Experience

Dr. Rovira, acted as arbitrator and counsel to parties in arbitrations, both as claimant or defendants and was retained to act as expert witness by the Government of Argentina in an ICSID arbitration and by several foreign companies in contract disputes involving Argentine laws issues in litigations conducted in Austria, Brazil, Spain and the USA and in international arbitrations. Also acted (and continues acting) as lead counsel in major and complex domestic litigations, which included litigations with the Argentine Security Exchange Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores) and the Antitrust Agency (Comisión Nacional de Defensa de la Competencia). Dr. Rovira coordinated the group of Argentine lawyers providing support to foreign counsels concerning Argentine legal aspects of the defense of a major insurance company in litigation proceedings in New York and London involving political risk insurance claims after the Argentine 2001 meltdown. Also worked and is currently working in complex contract judicial disputes; further he is mostly devoted to consulting and acting as arbitrator as well as counsel to claimants and defendants in international arbitrations and as expert witness on Argentine law in litigations conducted abroad Argentina.